Thursday, August 18, 2016

Origami, Illustration Friday

De-liver De-letter De-sooner De-better!
If you're old enough to remember a time when kids only knew "texts" as what was printed inside books and on papers, then you might have passed notes in this fashion- a notebook paper folded stealthily to conceal important, private messages for friends' eyes only.
Who would have guessed that all these decades later, Illustration Friday would post the week's theme of "Origami," which would be my cue to break out a sheet of paper, sit down and fold it, create a colored pattern from the actual folded page, then type a digital message that could be viewed by anyone with an internet connection or the inclination to take a peek?
Whew. And I actually remembered how to do this...Maybe a little too easily, suggesting that perhaps I spent too much time passing notes way back when?
But back to presentations, paper folding and kids, I'll confess that a bit of familiarity with origami has bailed me out on more than one occasion. In junior high, I recall conceptualizing an "eleventh hour" presentation when I realized that the folds in the paper left patterns of geometric designs. Somehow, it occurred to me that the shapes and angles related to our lessons. I simply folded and unfolded a few examples, stuck them on a poster board in illustrated vignettes, handily filling space and (BAM!) turned that project in the following day. I remember being relieved (and very surprised) to discover that Mrs. Stephenson gave it the highest score possible.
Yeah, that was a LONG time ago. Let's just try to keep the focus on happy current events, here. My hands are still capable of folding paper, only recently it's been for fun, with cash and nothing "top secret" about it. From tutorials found on the internet, I discovered how to make flowers out of dollar bills, folding (folding and folding) then attaching these to braided ribbons, creating leis. They'll stay fresh and everlasting as long as the recipient wants, no need for refrigeration. This technique has come in handy for a few gifts this summer- However, these projects do require more time, effort and planning...And maybe additional room in another post!

Unfolded, colored envelope page
used to create repeat pattern