Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Identical, Illustration Friday

Well here it is, already several days past the Labor Day holiday weekend and the unofficial beginning of fall, ha ha ha! I know I should be getting all giddy about the autumn holidays and Christmas looming, but for those of us who live in a warmer climates (and ask any kid who's just returned to a new school year)- these days are still practically identical to some of the best of summer's. I just know there are a few more beach days, yet.
Along the strand just north of the Oceanside pier, two rows of tiny beach cottages face the Pacific Ocean. Built in the late 1920's and named "Roberts Cottages" for their early owners, Harry and Virginia Roberts, they've undoubtedly witnessed the passing of many seasons and the ebb and flow of both the tides and tourists who vacation at the shore.
Hello, September! I see those leaves starting to change to golden green! A few more weeks' worth of summer, that's all I ask...