Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I have to admit that my heart fluttered when I learned that this week's theme over at Illustration Friday would have us rushing to check our pulses for signs of creative life. Thankfully, it wasn't related to actual health concerns. After all, I try to show a bit of restraint when I order that small cone, not double- dipped in chocolate, no matter what either I or the devil desires. ;o)
Motifs associated with hearts and love figure prominently and obviously on Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries or any joyful occasion or expression of endearment, so this should be an easy topic to conceptualize!
But I don't intend to go overboard emoting, wear my feelings on my sleeve and get all touchy- feely- kissy- face with this one. Messages sent from beneath the surface are often ambiguous anyway, open to interpretation, good or bad, clear or murky.
Do you see disappointment here in this picture? A sinking heart? Heaven forbid, is love something to constrain, to slowly drown underwater? Or is it something steadily anchored, yet easily let loose from deep within your heart?

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Certain descriptive terms seemed odd to me when I was a kid, like "prickly heat," for one. I envisioned sharp pointy things protruding from a person's skin, much like the spines on a cactus or  the scaly hide like one might find on the back of an alligator.  I don't recall ever knowing anybody who actually suffered from this condition, at least not as I imagined it to be.
Pokey things just seem to be a part of the scenery in a desert landscape such as southern California. Things are still pretty dry, and somewhere, someone is probably experiencing the symptoms of varying degrees of heat rash here and there. But mostly "there," as in that place where my mind seems to be wandering off to today. It could be that the heat is getting to me, but let's not focus on thorny barbs and brambles, OK? It's making my skin crawl and this is beach season, after all...
When Illustration Friday provided the prompt "Pointy" this week, instead of sharp objects, it made me think of enjoying this summery sunshine while it lasts and maybe an ice cream cone to cool off.
It's still August, isn't it? Let's enjoy it while it lasts!