Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trouble, Throwback Tuesday for IF

Immovable, Illustration Friday. Originally posted September, 2010

The past few weeks away from participating in Illustration Friday's challenges were spent tending to some other things that were piling up here. How fitting that in those two weeks, the themes were "Silence" and "Octopus." Sometimes it just works out best to remain silent, not to say (or post anything) as in "If you can't say something nice..." etc. I really felt strongly about not posting anything, not that I was going to toss about any unkind words here. And during those past couple of weeks, it would have been good to be like an octopus, eight- tentacled to deal with the projects I had going while the blog ironically came up empty handed again.
So today I decided that rather than taking a third week off, this was going to be my "Throwback Tuesday," a good day to re-post an oldie from a few years ago, re- purposing, multi tasking an existing piece. Sort of like how reheating leftovers is no trouble, this one was still waiting on ice to resurface in another form...An easy way to come up with something when the heat is on!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Do you remember when water didn't magically appear from a tap indoors?
Or do you remember when it was common to see wells placed placed in yards and serving as somebody's decorative garden planter?

"Well" my friend, could you be wishing for younger days?
(Just sayin', of course!) ;o)
This is sort of a vintage thing I did for Illustration Friday, because I do remember "when,"
as in when we had lots of it here in these parts.
Meanwhile, I wish we'd find some water soon, before the well runs completely dry.