Friday, April 22, 2011

Bicycle "Two-fer", Illustration Friday

How did I get so lucky while playing hooky from IF? Last week's "Journey" took me away from posting something on topic. I woke today to find the challenge for the week is "Bicycle," and as luck would have it, I could pull something out of the archives to cover both! On Friday, even!
This adventurous little boy, with the help of a magical bird went on a journey to transform himself into a bird. Here, he rides a bicycle to convince his friend that even under all the feathers, he is indeed a boy.
Happy Easter to all of you blogging "Peeps!" May you continue to find much inspiration in the celebration of springtime and its symbolic messages of renewal and growth!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bottled, Illustration Friday

Some things idle in storage for years, but I know I'll use them for something, some day. The oval shapes in the background were made by inking the bottoms of small lotion bottles, which were then printed on a piece of paper. My simple watercolor of the two bottles was then scanned and placed in a second layer.
If I'd thrown those little bottles away, they probably would have eventually been recycled into something else, but today I had fun printing them and using them for to create my submission for Illustration Friday!
Okay, I hear you snoring back there...What else might be bottled or contained , waiting to be released or recharged? There's no time like the spring to open up, let the light in and find out!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Duet, Illustration Friday

Pigs in a blanket, sawing logs.
It seemed like a good excuse to paint pigs this week for Illustration Friday, not because I was unusually hungry or tired!
Do you know the words to this tune? These two piggies perform a nightly duet, which goes something like this, "Zzzz, zzzz, zzzz..."