Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ferocious, Illustration Friday

Minor inconveniences of living in southern California, our Santa Ana winds roar down mountain canyons and seemingly blow everything that's not nailed down out to sea. Along with bone dry days and generally aggravating conditions for those who are prone to allergies, they often increase the likelihood of wildfires, by accident or arson. These winds are not nearly as destructive as tornadoes, but still ferocious!


  1. I really like this illustration! Very clever response to the topic!

  2. Yes. Yes. YES!!!!! I always love opening your posts and saying to myself: "She NAILED it." I even love how you have cleverly captured a degree of cuteness to this ferocity. I can't just imagine old man wind coughing and sputtering after his massive exhale.

  3. He is great Michele a sort of kindly ferocious - although those bugs look pretty scared. I really love the shades of blue you used....he has such substance to him and yet also seems as light as a feather! Clever stuff! Have a super weekend, we are still enjoying our mini heatwave in the UK....30oc by Sunday....bring it on ;0)
    Jane x

  4. Your last few post are just out of this world AWESOME!! I really love what you are putting down. Fabulousness indeed. I love that sun. Great work. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. Oh, he is wonderful Michele. We have quite a few tornadoes. They can be quite ferocious.

  6. You've captured the sweeping feeling of movement beautifully!

  7. Oh I dont know how I have missed your last two posts they are both ( as usual) gorgeous! I love your colours and designs and I have to say those little bugs in this one are so sweet!

  8. Heisann!

    He looks very satisfied and pleased;:OD)
    Humorous drawing!

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  9. Wow, I didn't see that one ! Beautiful !
    (And thank you for your comment on my blog!)

  10. What a blustery character! Well done!


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