Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hibernate, Illustration Friday

There was a really heavy quote about hibernation this week, which I opted not to include. Instead, I'll just leave it at this. It's possible to hibernate without actually going underground for the winter. Look around, there are a lot of people existing in various states of suspended animation. Hope they'll wake up and appreciate the beauty around them!

Thanks for visiting and your comments, if you feel like saying what's on your mind- I do appreciate hearing from you! And should you find me in a suspended state, a gentle nudge should bring me back around!


  1. Too true! I like your happy, colorful paintings, but the limited palette in this is very effective. Nice job!

  2. I totally agree Michele..if we open our eyes there is beauty all around us and if we open our minds we also can stop a virtual brain shut down. You always ooze positivity (is there such a word!!) do not need nudging ;0) Keep creating your lovely work, enjoy your weekend,
    Jane x

  3. Good thought. Great forlorn look and feel with the gray scale character.

  4. Great rainbow! Nature heals, that's for sure. You probably already know about this link:

    Sunday. Hope all is well.


  5. Michele,
    I appreciate the kind wishes. Thank you.
    I am going to strive to participate. :)

  6. So true, so true, Michele! And I don't think I'll ever find you in a suspended doesn't seem like you from your wonderful posts. I've missed your recent illos and WOW! Wonderful illustrations!! Ferocious is fantastical, and mesmerizing is lovely! I'm wishing you a lovely Fall ahead!

  7. Very expressive...sleepy, checked out hibernator! ;) Nice illo!

  8. I totally agree with your sentiment and your illustration expresses it very nicely indeed!

  9. I love your illustration Michelle. So wonderful. I totally feel it he he he he! Hope that you are doing well and getting some rest.
    Best to you.

  10. but it is too early to hibernation, first look at the trees that change their
    wardrobe and thereby fill us with energy to create what our imagination we suggested - in short all this talk is an excuse to invite you to visit my second blog where I put only my creations without blablabla
    a bien tot:)


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