Thursday, October 8, 2015


Ink, for Illustration Friday
Some things are indelible and can't be erased or covered up, no matter how badly we'd like them to disappear.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Mermaid and Friend
I can't believe it's not summer any more. September is tricky that way. But as long as it's going to be warm outside, then we're still thinking about the beach and cooling off in the ocean. 
Illustration Friday, how did you know that it's still mermaid season here?

No, we're not going to cast any nets or harm any sea creatures this week, real or imagined. I just thought I'd try to capture one in colored pencil this week, maybe just to take a quick dip into the coloring craze that seems to have snared the creative world. 
So don't put those pencils and crayons away- It looks like autumn also promises to be a colorful season!

Happy fall, y'all!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Oh, you expected to be PAID for that?

Depending on your perspective, this guy might not be the most insidious or dangerous of all the bad guys out there. But let me tell you, he can be one of the most annoying. He began with a simple pencil sketch, inked and scanned, then a little color added via Photoshop. He's been bugging me for weeks, so I felt compelled to let him escape and get him out there on Illustration Friday to illustrate "Villain."

I'm not here to preach or judge, of course. But you've probably noticed that I might sneak in a mini-sermonette here and there. Whatever possesses us to do the "creative" things we do, let our consciences be our guides. Sharing inspiration is priceless. But the execution of those ideas really shine, especially when you can honestly claim the sum of those efforts as your very own. (Avoiding straying deeper into the discussion of copyright issues now, for everyone's benefit.)

OK, stepping down from that soapbox... ;o) I just want to keep things light here.

As always, it's a joy to receive visitors and your comments are appreciated. 
If you've been with me the past few posts, I've started replying to your comments directly below.  And if we've been in touch through email, I can continue to reply directly that way, too. The season is changing, and I'm simply trying to stir my pot a little differently!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Getting old is for old people. No matter what outer "packages" we're currently in, we've all come equipped with our own internal fountains of youth. We just have to remember to drink like we're thirsty, every now and then. 
Bottoms up!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I have to admit that my heart fluttered when I learned that this week's theme over at Illustration Friday would have us rushing to check our pulses for signs of creative life. Thankfully, it wasn't related to actual health concerns. After all, I try to show a bit of restraint when I order that small cone, not double- dipped in chocolate, no matter what either I or the devil desires. ;o)
Motifs associated with hearts and love figure prominently and obviously on Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries or any joyful occasion or expression of endearment, so this should be an easy topic to conceptualize!
But I don't intend to go overboard emoting, wear my feelings on my sleeve and get all touchy- feely- kissy- face with this one. Messages sent from beneath the surface are often ambiguous anyway, open to interpretation, good or bad, clear or murky.
Do you see disappointment here in this picture? A sinking heart? Heaven forbid, is love something to constrain, to slowly drown underwater? Or is it something steadily anchored, yet easily let loose from deep within your heart?

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Certain descriptive terms seemed odd to me when I was a kid, like "prickly heat," for one. I envisioned sharp pointy things protruding from a person's skin, much like the spines on a cactus or  the scaly hide like one might find on the back of an alligator.  I don't recall ever knowing anybody who actually suffered from this condition, at least not as I imagined it to be.
Pokey things just seem to be a part of the scenery in a desert landscape such as southern California. Things are still pretty dry, and somewhere, someone is probably experiencing the symptoms of varying degrees of heat rash here and there. But mostly "there," as in that place where my mind seems to be wandering off to today. It could be that the heat is getting to me, but let's not focus on thorny barbs and brambles, OK? It's making my skin crawl and this is beach season, after all...
When Illustration Friday provided the prompt "Pointy" this week, instead of sharp objects, it made me think of enjoying this summery sunshine while it lasts and maybe an ice cream cone to cool off.
It's still August, isn't it? Let's enjoy it while it lasts!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


One Man's Trash is Another Cat's Treasure

Hey all you flea market junkies, thrift shoppers and garage sale addicts out there! Are you the type who can't walk past a great bargain or a see the potential in something that can be repurposed? Do you worship the junker's patron saint, Fred Sanford? Or do you just love to see old objects live out their lives 'til it hurts?
Illustration Friday posted the word and "One man's trash is another man's treasure" immediately came to mind. Not admitting guilt by any means...Ahem. But do you understand how the concept of spring cleaning can morph into a four season, life long affair?
Gotta go now- I have to throw a few things out today. Swing by and see if you'd like any of it! ;o)