Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Though Memorial Day weekend has passed and we're counting the days 'til summer, gentle spring rains continue to coax seasonal wildflowers. During chance encounters along the trails of my morning hikes, they appear like fleeting celebrities who smile for one quick photo before they quickly disappear, promising to return for next year's performance.

If anybody who knows the real names of these pinkish - lavender and / or the yellow flax - like flowers, I'd appreciate your assistance with my plant ID's! Thanks!


  1. Your flowers are lovely and remind me of my walks around the lake here with the pups. Ahhhh.....almost summer! :)

  2. What delicate wild flowers Michele, a real contrast to the blaze of summer we are having here this year! It's so good to be back on line..great to "see" you on my blog. Your raincheck was great!I seem to be having problems leaving a comment on your blog as my blog name...very strange! I hope I can sort that out soon but it's me, your UK friend,
    Happy Thursday,
    Jane x

  3. Love all your beautiful flowers. The purples are so great and I guess periwinkle too! (One of my favorites) Flowers just seem to say it all in the summer. Have a great day! xoRobin❤


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