Thursday, June 23, 2011

Launch, Illustration Friday

Did I miss a post? I was swept away on a short trip up north and back late last week. But upon my return, I took a short detour into a cough syrup induced haze, launched into a colorful fog of daytime television and naps. While staring off into space, this gallery of refrigerator spin art came into view and brought me back to earth for a quick re-entry to reality and IF.
Hope you're all having healthier weeks! Looking forward to visiting with you art bloggers as soon as all the channels are working again!


  1. Simply fabulous work. I love the colors!!! This is wonderful. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope to be around more after I tie up some projects. Hope that you are doing well.

  2. I've always loved spin art :) Gorgeous colors. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh dear, poor you! The pretty colors in this piece should send you on your way to feeling better, Michele.

  4. I missed you Michele! Glad you are back and I hope you feel 100% again really soon. I love this racey piece, it really stands out of the page.
    Jane x

  5. NICE SAVE with the spin art. Feel better! Is that a paper cut out head? Looks great.
    I missed my first post. I should have known I had to have my art in by Thurs., but Friday stuck in my head. So I posted on my blog Friday AM then found I was too late for IF! Newbie.

  6. I hope your time away was enjoyable even if it did bring you a flu! I hope you feel better very soon, keep coming up with cough syrup induced artworks in the mean time, they are cool ;-o

  7. OH, Michele - I hope you are well again!! What a vibrant and fun illustration you've depicted here...makes me wake up from my slumber that's for sure! : ) And goodness, your shadows illustration is so beautiful. I hope you have a fabulous summer ahead. Thank you SO very much for your lovely rock!

  8. Heisann!
    Exciting point of view, Michele. Great!
    And I'm assume your back in mind and in health;:OD)
    Thank you for caring.

  9. Please tell me what spin art is and how it's done. THanks. Val


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