Thursday, July 9, 2015


Sharp As A Tack
Late spring and early summer have taken me here and there and everywhere. With many family obligations to meet and related opportunities for tasks, to do's and related errands, there's been a lot of multi- tasking in the way of happiness, sadness, hellos and goodbyes, much soul searching in mind but not a lot of "free" time for just staying put, blogging or participating in the weekly Illustration Friday challenges.
On one of the trips I recently took, I had the opportunity to take my dad to visit his aunt, a retired schoolteacher who celebrated her 100th birthday earlier this spring. As the younger sister of my grandmother, there was a noticeably strong family resemblance. Even her soft voice reminded me of her. We couldn't stay for too long, as it was difficult for her to speak, but her quick responses to our questions and comments made it as clear as her blue eyes, that her mind was as sharp as ever. Up until recently, she was still able to drive around town, and wasn't relying on glasses in order to read during our visit. So mentally alert, with a complexion smooth and unlined for a woman who's seen so many changes in a century, I'm guessing there's something good in the water that she's been drinking, or could it simply be years of wholesome living in and among small towns and farms that compose the prairies of the midwestern US?
Whatever it is, I doubt I'll ever discover her secret for longevity. But one thing's for sure, that listening to my dad's detailed accounts of incidents that happened so long ago, there is at least a family gene for memory, tucked somewhere deep in the creases of our brains. Hopefully, I'll be as alert and retain the ability to edit some of what's been stored in mine, if I'm ever as lucky to be so blessed with a long and fruitful life!


  1. Hello my friend it's always good to see you here.Your visit must have been wonderful, what an amazing lady she is. 100 is a very ripe old age and your family memory genes sound very positive indeed ;0) x

  2. Nice reflections Michele. I, too, had the opportunity to visit an elderly relative in a nursing home Father's Day weekend and was amazed by her memory and relatively youthful appearance, but everyone in my family has not been so lucky and I do wonder about the future.

  3. May you live as long and as well. Good for you to have had the experience with your great aunt and your dad. Those are the kinds of moments that stay with us long after people leave us.


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