Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Hanging Around In The Garden
I've been thinking (again). And sometimes that can be a dangerous thing. 
This week over at Illustration Friday, they posted the theme, "Garden." That's a nice word, conjuring up images of lush, beautiful green spaces, happy scenes of watering cans and pretty flowers. I've done some of those illustrations for various products over the years, but they won't appear here today, as they're mostly tucked away and covered up in the past tense now.
Excited as I was about this theme, I sat down and quickly banged this one out, but it sat on my desk for most of the week once the nagging doubts began. ("Why did you put THAT in it?" "You shoulda..." etc.) I struggled with the decision whether to even publish one this week. But really, this little watercolor might be more representative of the word "garden" for me. Not as a noun, but a verb. 
Gardening here at my place means planting, weeding, watching, watering. OK, maybe not so much watering during this drought! 
In the years I've been here tending my little patch of landscape, it's been a process very much like painting. Sometimes things just work and everything's beautiful, and sometimes the results are haphazard with much less success than anticipated or hoped for. But all in all, it's always an effort or expression that nobody else will approach in the same way. Sometimes it has to be done quickly, down and dirty without any real instructions or recipe for any of it. It's ongoing trial and many errors, and that in itself is what brings the joy. 
Here's a sampling of a scene from my backyard, just throwing it out there like nobody's looking. This isn't the Garden of Eden- no need to be embarrassed for me. That "shame" thing isn't going to work on me today!


  1. "Should" thoughts can kill you. Anytime you're outside and touching the earth and plants is a good time and if anyone judges your efforts, they're too persnickety to have over. Your garden looks lovely! I wish I could give you some of my excessive rain.

  2. Gardening certainly is a process. The weeds in my garden would tell you that I am not attentive enough, and today is much too hot and humid for me to catch up. I plan on going raspberry picking instead. You always handle the medium of watercolor beautifully.


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