Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swim, Illustration Friday

It seems like this week flew by, didn't it? Once again, i'm digging deep to find something remotely related to IF's theme, "Swim." Luckily, this mono print surfaced in time, but just barely.
This one was done by creating a simple painting on a sheet of plexiglass with printmaking ink. Working quickly, I then placed a slightly damp sheet of paper on top of the "plate." With pressure applied with a burnishing tool, (in this case I used a rice paddle), the design eventually transferred to the paper, which was then lifted off the plexiglass, yielding a "one of a kind" print.
It's still a little but cool to go for a dip in the ocean early in this spring, so for today, these little fish will have to do the swimming!


  1. Wow Michele, this is such a work of art. Those fish really are swimming around on my screen. Have a peaceful Easter holiday,, Janex

  2. This is beautiful. I wouldn't have guessed how you did it. The process sounds like it would be hard to work so fast.

  3. Lovely, Michele. I'm with Linda, I never would have pegged the art as a monoprint. Really feels like water.

  4. Love the Koi fish Michele. It turned out great. Beautiful :)

  5. Oh I LOVE this. A mono print heh? Never made one, sounds trickey!


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