Monday, March 18, 2013

Eye Glasses, Illustration Friday

Another trip in the "Way Back Machine," we find a series of ancient illustrations that were dug up out of the archives for this week's word challenge, "Eye Glasses." Perhaps this might have gone in last week's post for "Yesterday?"
Anyway, these were done 20 (count 'em, 20!) years ago for a local educational publisher. In my youthful exuberance, I was whipping these out for very little cash and only after publishing, did I notice I forgot to cross the "S" on the bank robber's note (in the first frame below), to make that a "$." The poor child who was interpreting this to his or her teacher could have been extremely confused, as might be the teller in the illustration! And I never mentioned this to the art director, for the record...
However insignificant, that tiny detail might have slipped through the cracks back then, but in my increasingly blurry eyesight, it's still as noticeable to me today as it was (after the fact) all those years ago.
Meanwhile, I'm still making do with my 99¢ readers, trying to keep an eye on those details, crossing my "t's" and dotting those"i's." Heaven forbid, I ever forget to complete my dollar sign again. We'll see how long my original pair of peepers will hold out and maybe soon, I'll be "seeing" you at the optometrist's! ;o)


  1. Always great to look back! These are great and to the point! Everyone has those moments when they look back on their work (even if only a year ago) and say what the heck was I thinking! It only pushes us forward to making some great stuff in the future and to see how far you have come.Thanks for sharing these and your story.:) You have come quite a long way with your illustration now! :)

  2. Its funny how we can learn so much for past mistakes, through all aspects of life!
    hugs to you!

  3. hee hee! yes, I have done this :) it is a nagging little thing that can never be redone once published... but most people prolly don't notice, in fact until you mentioned I didn't, I was looking at your wonderful work and the shapes and lines. I love black and white as well, love this michele, great work :))

  4. Ah yes, I remember those days of youthful exuberance and quick art for little cash :) Even though these are quick drawings, it's easy to see the talent behind them. Nice!

  5. Very funny Michele. I love the lady's glasses!
    I've been a busy bee and just caught up with your last two IF posts. The glass jar with yesterdays intentions was lovely and a clever solution. Your talented happy lady singing in the shower was great fun.

  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences and lessons Michelle, it will certainly help me to do that extra, last proof view, not that I think for a moment any child was scarred by a missing line on the dollar sign :D I do find when you know what you wanted to add and look at something as being how you wanted it to be, you don't see the subtle little things. It happens to me all the time with presentations I develop, then of course when its up there on the big screen, its glaringly obvious


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