Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wheel, Illustration Friday

Today's lesson in not so ancient history-
Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a "scale" tool option or even a personal computer, for that matter.
This was one of the "go to " tools of choice, the little proportional scale. By lining up the coordinates on the inner and outer wheels where the sizes of the original and desired sizes were printed, the required percentage of enlargement or reduction could be then viewed in the cutout window.
Good eyesight and a general working knowledge of decimals and fractions were all it took to get the rest of that project moving along. That and being allowed the use of the front office's copier, once they started making them with standard enlargement and reduction features!


  1. I still use my proportional scale. I have a 12" giant sized one I got as promotional item at an art expo.

  2. I still use mine too! Guess I'm just old-fashioned! Clever illustration for the prompt, Michele.


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