Thursday, March 3, 2011

Swarm, Illustration Friday

Just down the road, a neighboring seaside farm puts on an annual springtime extravaganza when the hillside explodes with swarms of ranunculus.
Without grumbling about the good old days, let's just say that what used to be free and occupied much more of the seaside acreage, is now sampled for a small admission fee and in in a much smaller dose, with more restrictions and added attractions to draw larger crowds, or swarms, if you like.
On a sunnier note, here's a tiny (but free) sampling of the view from my memory of the old roadside flower fields that I'm sharing for Illustration Friday! Do you feel spring in the air?


  1. So cheery! What a wonderful view! I'm imagining spring - appreciate it :)

  2. Oh this is wonderful with lots of fabulous fun colors! OH let spring come NOW! This illustration just calls for it. Girl you and I must have been sitting right next to each others in the pew! What color was your tambourine? Pink??? White?? he he he he he! I bet we would have been the very best of friend LOL! It would have been monster giggles between us I'm sure!
    Tambourine love,

  3. I love ranuculae (or is it "i" for plural??)Michele. I did not realise until recently they are related to our common buttercup which grows in the meadows. I grew some in my hanging baskets last year, such bold bright colours....come on spring...summer..!!
    Have a great weekend with some spring sunshine,
    Jane x

  4. What a cheery take on the theme. Refreshing and vibrant. You can almost feel the breeze and smell the fragrance.

  5. I Love this. Ranuculous(sp?) are one of my favorite spring flowers. I adore them. they are so delicate and just such a welcome among all of the dreariness....
    This is very pretty and I love the colors you used, here...happy and cheerful
    have a great day!!!!

  6. I still have snow, so seeing your happy flowers is a treat. Soak up the view, even if somebody has limited it some. Just loving your sunny colors!

  7. I do, I do!! Spring is coming, for sure! This is so much fun!

  8. Wow what color! This is fabulous! very cheery! :D Great illo! oh, and thanks for the free look!

  9. Heisann !

    YES, I feel spring in the air ... +25˚C in the sun today, snow is melting away.

    Your flower watercolor reminds me of those Emile Nolde painted. Have you seen them?

    Have a nice Saturday evening ;:OD)

  10. Beautiful! so colorfull! :)

  11. Thanks for the visits and comments! I've been inspired by spring themes lately, and these ranunculuses (ranunculi, to some- I had to look it up!) have always brought me joy. Glad to discover that you do too, and am happy to share these with you! :o)

  12. beautiful work Michele :) - as usual!

  13. What a charming painting.
    Infects the viewer with happy spring feelings.

  14. OH what fabulous colours, make me have spring fever.


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