Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who, Me?

Have you visited Heather over at Rose Hill Designs lately? In the midst of all the creating that's going on over there, she recently took some time to share this award with some stylish bloggers. Since she consistently puts together some pretty stylish posts, it was flattering to be included on her list.

And now by accepting this award, I am required to share seven things about me, which is probably going to blow away my "stylish" cover, but it's all in fun!

1. As a child, I did not like mushrooms, but you could say they "grew" on me, or at least often appeared in my food.
2. Native to southern California, I was born third out of five children.
3. I'm married and have one teenage son (still in the middle, here).
4. I enjoy visiting museums with my friends.
5. My favorite colors are "golden brown sugar" and "toasted marshmallow," colors that describe my two pups.
6. I can almost always make room for a little ice cream.
7. I might be happiest when I can get my hands "dirty," whether digging into the garden, artistic pursuits, or kitchen creations, but not necessarily in that order!

And now, it's my turn to pass this on to a list of fifteen bloggers with whom I've recently made an acquaintance. Check out these talented and stylish bloggers:


  1. Heisann, heisann!

    I am flattered, little me living somewhere at the egde of the world, no--- it is not so dramatic!
    I like to receive this award, but I don't have time untill the weekend to fulfill the obligations, so be patient Michelle!

    Lots of thanks, hugs from Bjorg Nina

  2. Thanks so much Michele!! My first blog award. Woo hoo! Though you've already taken some of my most likely people to pass the award onto, I'll enjoy looking at your recommended sites that I haven't seen before. Thanks again! You've made me smile today :)

  3. Thank ya Michele. I am so honored to receive this award. Let me go down my list of people who have inspired me. Just kidding. I will definitely pass it on.

  4. What a wonderful thing you've done! Thank you, so much! I am honored. I will pass it along! :)

  5. Yay! I am so glad to learn more about you. (I love southern california, yipppee)

    And, thank you for your compliments - I am so glad to give you the award, you know, I love seeing your work!!!! xxoo

  6. Wow, thanks for the mention! And how fun to learn a few factoids about you!

  7. Hey Michele, thanks so much for my award and the link back! First one for me! BTW there is always room for a little icecream in life! hehe

  8. Many thanks, Michele.
    You have made my day!

  9. Well deserved Michele. I love visiting here and also so appreciate the kind comments you leave for me on my blog. Your artwork is a joy. I was interested about the mushrooms..they are one of my fave foods! Take care, well done again,
    Jane x

  10. Congratulations! I agree, well deserved!
    Thank you for the award! It is an honor and you made my day too! I appreciate your comments on my blog. Thank you for this and for the inspiration - you are so talented! :)

  11. Thanks, Michele!
    I am very surprised and grateful for your kind gift!
    I'm thinking the seven responses that give about me, which is not easy but once I have them I'll publish them on my blog.
    Thank you very much again. I'm shocked.♥


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