Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spooky, Illustration Friday

Which is most spooky?
a) Walking into any store at this time of the year and being greeted by aisles full of candy, creepy Halloween decor, costumes and masks?
b) Turning the corner to the next row and finding the store employee putting the finishing touches on the Christmas displays?
c)Being reminded that the holiday season is in full swing?
Time marches on, as they say. But tell that to a person who's posting her interpretation of this week's topic for Illustration Friday much later into the next week!
Hope you already completed yours!


  1. Hey well I pick b. I hate Christmas lucky it comes but once a year - trouble is it's all year ! :)

    Oh I used to have a practice in a big shopping centre - you think you like Christmas Carols ---- the eight hundredth time you hear them isn't so great ! Humbug.

    Heh, just kidding. Wow what a great idea it's just a cacophony of images racing down the page - all icons hey and mixed up.

  2. Now that is brilliant Michelle...such a fun interpretation. I think all 3 statements are pretty spooky! Here in the UK Halloween is really not that big but I sometimes find stores putting their christmas decs up for sale at the end of summer...seriously!
    Now I really LOVE christmas but I do not start getting into the swing until after Guy Fawkes night (5th Nov). Then I really do get into the mood....can't wait!
    PS as a passing comment, what do you do with all these lovely IF illustrations?? Do you have a special keepsake file etc?
    Have a great week and I'm glad you liked my Halloween glass goodies on my blog.
    Take care,
    Love Jane x

  3. Ha, this is funny, I really like pumpkin head and baby New Year and eee gads as far as it being holiday season, to soon to soon.

  4. haha the turkey is so cute! wonderfull job!! ^^

  5. This is fabulous. I love looking at every detail...and I know, it's odd, I was at Michaels and basically all of the halloween stuff was pushed to the side for christmas...woah, I am not even sure what I am going to be yet! ha ha ha -
    but, I do just adore the whole concept here!

  6. So true. I sometimes get confused as to what season we really are in.

  7. Hello Visitors!
    Thanks for bearing with me! I changed the illustration from the original that I posted last night. I was painting cross eyed and wasn't completely satisfied with the spookiness. Sheesh, it's like trying to decide whether we want a candy cane or pumpkin pie when we're still waiting for Halloween candy! ;o)

  8. wow, that is scary, I was just commenting how it seems that they start putting out Christmas stuff earlier and earlier every year. Maybe it's always this way and I am newly surprised by it each time. Anyway, great piece and thanks for the visit and the very kind comments about my daughter and I. It is a family thing, my dad was an artist, my sister is an artist and all of my kids are talented too. Thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate it!

  9. Didn't mean to be so spooky by not saying "Thanks!" to all of you who've stopped in and left kind comments! Normally, in exchange I like to visit your blogs and see what great things are happening out there. But while I'm here...

    Andrew, ha ha, you make me laugh! I also see a cacophony of images, and possibly a maelstrom, too!

    Jane, you are so nice to ask about the illos. They all sit on my desk until I put them away into a dark portfolio, until somebody wants to see them again. One day, they hope to serve a more useful purpose!

    Missy, Mery and Heather, thanks to each of you for noticing individual details! I'm glad to share them with you!

    Calbers, we are both confused! So many choices! So little time!

    Thanks again, blogging friends! :o)

  10. Really great idea! This year has flown by it is spooky to think all the holidays are upon us! I love the background and the looks just like all the holidays are rushing right at us!

  11. The candy is extraordinary! I wish I had another word for great - profound :)

  12. hahahhaa! good to know you feel as i do!
    i just posted so you know i am behind the times :P i say all of the above!!! Great work as always ;)

  13. The new year baby running makes me laugh :D
    Good work!

  14. Fantastic idea and details. I love this time of year!

  15. Fantastic job, Michele - again! I'm one of those weird ones who doesn't mind seeing Christmas stuff pretty early, but yeah! One at a time please.
    My funniest experience was walking into our local mall in April and seeing it decked out for Christmas! That was so bizarre! Turns out, they were filming a movie - Mall Cop.

    Wonderful work! So much energy and imagination!

  16. what a great idea! you've truly portrayed spooky in all it's forms!

  17. The pumpkin looks scared of all the holidays chasing it. Really a great image and concept. I love Halloween. I wish the stores would let us enjoy it without threatening us with Christmas so early!

  18. Right on the mark! A neat way to express the thoughts of many of us about this time of the year. An especially busy time for moms managing home making, and childcare, making halloween costumes, cooking turkeys and buying Christmas presents plus holding down full time jobs on top of everything. Yikes.

  19. What a beautiful illo! I love how there is just so much movement in the illustration and the hierarchy in terms of where the eye moves!

  20. Love this!! It really captures the whirlwind of the holiday season!


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