Thursday, November 6, 2014


Drink up folks- Here's a "smoothie" of a different sort. Trying to sneak one in for Illustration Friday's theme. It seems like I'm always trying to pull one more smooth move here at the last minute. This one was just a fun "mock chalk" image done in Photoshop. 
Not sure if there is a real fountain of youth anywhere, but I can tell you that if there ever was one in California, it is probably dry by now. Maybe it will start flowing again by next spring...(Sorry, bad pun!)
Heading into November now. More warm and sunny days ahead. Still grateful, just thirsty!


  1. I could use some of that! Nice job Michele.

  2. I could use some too, and some sunshine. It's definitely turned to winter in Ohio with snow :( I like the chalk look.

  3. Excellent Chalk effect photo shop smartie! Love how you got that partially erased effect.


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