Thursday, October 2, 2014


Do you remember when water didn't magically appear from a tap indoors?
Or do you remember when it was common to see wells placed placed in yards and serving as somebody's decorative garden planter?

"Well" my friend, could you be wishing for younger days?
(Just sayin', of course!) ;o)
This is sort of a vintage thing I did for Illustration Friday, because I do remember "when,"
as in when we had lots of it here in these parts.
Meanwhile, I wish we'd find some water soon, before the well runs completely dry.


  1. I hope you wish comes true soon Michele, it sounds like a hot summer you had over there. I love the sweet blue bird on the tiles of this little well. Happy weekend my friend x

  2. I said the other day that we don't have enough barns any more. Now I'm thinking we don't have enough wells either. Plus thinking that maybe I'm getting old since I do remember these things :) Lovely painting.


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