Thursday, September 11, 2014


10-4 Good Buddy
I don't know if it's hot where you are, but the past few days have been pretty warm here. I'm not complaining, it's just that by about dinnertime or so, the air has been getting sort of still and it becomes well, just a little harder to cool off. With the drought conditions we've been experiencing here, the local water authority has imposed water rationing measures. Watering is restricted to certain days and times of the day or evening. Our drought tolerant plants could really use a drink, and you know it's dry when even the cactus begins to show signs of stress.

The forecasts are calling for even warmer temps in a few days. I can't explain why the throwback to the CB radio era lingo this week, but I think we are getting the message, loud and clear that there isn't much water to be had. 

I tried to complete this one as fast as I could for Illustration Friday this week. The sun is beating down through my west window and the watercolors are drying up, too...Stay hydrated, my friends!


  1. Your poor cacti Michele I hope that radio call out for some water gets heard...This IF is such fun. We have found some lovely sunshine in Rhodes and are enjoying being out of range of the xxx

  2. We've had some of our hottest days of the summer once school opened up here in the East. Otherwise, it was an unusually cool and dry season. I hope you guys get some rain coming through!

  3. I think I got all your water this year. There's nothing quite like listening to stories about drought when I haven't felt sufficiently dry since spring and the local story includes more flood warnings. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone got just what they need, but not more?


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