Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacher, Illustration Friday

Many years ago, I thought I might like to be a teacher. Instead, I enrolled in this "crash" course, a non- elective, where recesses are brief and there's no graduation date in sight. Welcome back, live and learn, students. We're back in session...Again.


  1. cool - loving the chalk and black and white theme here.
    also love your freeze illo below, too - we see deer in our yard all of the time, and you are right, they just stand so still....frozen!

  2. The blackboard and chalk look is perfect! Boy, that really makes me nostalgic for the days of cleaning erasers.

  3. ooooo, fun, I love the chalk on matboard!!!

  4. Gosh that takes me back to schooldays Michele....the dust and that aweful screech if they caught their nails on the board. One of our teachers used to throw the board cleaner at the boys if they were misbehaving..oooch! Great illustration!
    Jane x

  5. Hi Michele, thanks for your comment, you're very kind.
    I like this board's idea!!!! and I liked also the previous, "freeze". Have a nice weekend :)))

  6. Nice, and I like your "freeze" a lot.

  7. Heisann!

    Hope you are all well in the storm... I am glad we had nice days during our stay in NY and Washington - some pictures on my blog and more will come.

    I have had no time for If lately... that will change, may be, in some weeks ;:OD)


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