Thursday, July 28, 2011

Perennial, Illustration Friday

A good scientist is a person in whom the childhood quality of perennial curiosity lingers on. Once he gets an answer, he has other questions.” ~ Frederick Seitz

It figures that Illustration Friday and Mike would come up with a really challenging word this week, "Perennial," while I'm experiencing a case of the summer doldrums. Actually, it's been a period of "what should I do next?" but those activities have been unrelated to painting.
While walking the pups one quiet morning, it occurred to me that these native old oaks that live along the creek fit the bill. I often marvel at how these sturdy trees plant themselves near a source of water, maintain their stances for decades among competing plant life and only give in when disease, intermittent drought, flooding or landscaping crews come along to clear the way for "improvements."
After this quick sketch for IF, I'm heading over to see how Mike interpreted his own suggestion. I might even have a question for him, like "How did you come up with this one?"
Wishing everybody a curiously creative week!


  1. I love the loose, moody quality of this. That is a great quote and ties in nicely with your own observations about the oaks. Our oak trees are already beginning to drop their acorns. It seems way too early.

  2. I love the sketchiness of this and the way you've caught the damp, cool shade of the branches. I hope you find a solution to your summer doldrums :)

  3. I hope those great old oaks hold on where they are Michele...I agree they seem to have a lovely moody feel to them. You can understand how ancient civilisations thought they had human qualities. I hope your inspiration returns as the summer cools for does have its turns and corners! Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  4. The first thought I had when seeing 'Perennial' as IF theme was an old tree. And here it is at Mushroom Tender. A lovely picture. Well done.

  5. So fresh and free, like watercolors should look in my mind.
    It's as if you casually swished on a few colors and a landscape magically appeared.

  6. Lovely drawings you have on your blog!

  7. Funny, I first thought "moody", and so did everybody else! Beautiful!


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