Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Muddy, Illustration Friday

Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear. ~ Lao-tzu

From the depths of a muddy pond, the lotus blooms as a symbol of high spiritual aspirations. This week, my answer to Illustration Friday's challenge comes paired with two koi, symbolizing perseverance and strength.
The winter season can be a dark and dreary time. Here in southern California, heavy rains brought mud which carved destructive paths in areas that were recently plagued by fires. With spring approaching, the hillsides can look forward to being comforted with blankets of green velvet and healing with the next generation of wildflowers, as the skeletons of charred trees renew the life within their blackened trunks.


  1. Love the oriental feel of this.

    Indeed we say of the lotus that it emerges from mud yet untainted.

  2. Isn't every day a good day for koi fish and lotus blossoms? :) Interesting that we had such similar ideas! I really like the color and the illusion of seeing through water in yours.

  3. WOW.. the colors and everything are so beautiful!

  4. It's so pretty. o.o
    Good job! :D

  5. Beautiful colors and there is so much movement in your illustration. Beautiful!

  6. this is really beautiful, great rendering on the water!


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