Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Skinny, Illustration Friday

Now that Halloween is past us, our good consciences start to remind (nag) us about healthier choices. Every year, the holiday arrives like a test of willpower, to see how prepared we'll be to handle the barrage of treats heading down the pike. Adding insult to injury, Illustration Friday beat 'em to it with this week's word, "Skinny."

Three more weeks until the next big test. C'mon, a skinny little french fry wouldn't hurt, would it?


  1. I love what you've written with the cute illustration!
    Thanks a lot for stopping by:)

  2. Hi Michele!

    Your french fries are adorable, and Skinny! I also enjoyed the caption on your illustration. Really cute!

    Thank you, also, for visiting my "skinny"...

    Hope to see you next week! ~~carolynn

  3. Amen to that!!! Love your French fries, hee hee. In fact, I love all your work. You have a wonderful style... I must come back for more!

  4. Charming illustration...and I'm glad to see someone else saw the irony of this week's IF word!

  5. Now that's a Happy Meal! Nice take on "skinny", Michele. Thanks for your visit.


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